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Electronic Design Group Inc. specializes in automation and drives in a variety of industries. EDG collaborates with end-users and partners to develop innovative technical solutions which exceed the expectations of our clients. EDG focuses on complete systems, from conception to completion and beyond commissioning; offering an unwavering commitment to supporting future needs. EDG boasts a reputation that offers clients a cost effective migration path using current technology.

EDG Conveyor SystemNSi has forged a strategic alliance with EDG in a move to tackle the growing obsolescence of controls in the Newspaper industry. EDG has a dedicated team that delivers automation and drive upgrades for the following:

EDG and NSi offer significant performance improvements by means of increased reliability and extensive diagnostics. Clients benefit from a solution that is renewed with current technology resulting in a maintainable system for years to come. All installations are equipped to allow remote assistance and this is all backed with unrivaled 24/7 support.  

Goss/Heidelberg Legacy Delivery Conveyor Upgrades, NP100, NP120, NP125   

Goss/Heidelberg NP200 Controls Upgrade  Optimize Press Performance   Single Width Presses  

Enhance RTP Performance   Goss/Heidelberg Legacy Inserter Drive Updates   Recent Projects

MotterstitchIn-Line stitching is the most economical, the fastest and the cleanest method of binding products. MotterStitch was founded in 1985, with the specific goal of providing the printing industry with custom designed In-Line Stitchers (In-Line Stapling Machines) to fit all types of folders for web presses.


Motterstitch Stitchers
Cylinder Stitchers
Ribbon Stitchers
MotterStitch cylinder stitchers are normally mounted in the folder and make staples between the folding cylinder and the stitching cylinder. The dies, which form the inside of the staple, are mounted in the folding cylinder in a Jaw Type Folder...
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MotterStitch ribbon stitchers are versatile machines that can be installed under each former or in bay window web lead or in place of the cross-perforator cylinders. They can be equipped to run in straight mode or skip stitch mode...
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With an Infrared Web Dryer System, you can help expand advertising revenue by offering sharp, glossy special sections. By adding revenue back from real estate, automotive or other specialty businesses, profits will increase substantially – for you and your advertisers/customers. Increase your readership and pick up rate by delivering a snappier looking product. Consumers have come to expect high-quality graphics, and now you can deliver that in a timely manner. You can now combine coldset and heatset in one press run.

Infrared Web Drying SystemToday's printer faces increasing demands for vibrant, clean, sharp 4-color printing. It is now possible for you to meet those needs with the Infrared Web Drying System.

This is a revolutionary breakthrough, which enables the coldset printer to produce a quality, eye-catching printed product for a fraction of the investment and without the limitations of traditional heatset printing equipment. The Infrared Web Dryer System boasts many benefits over UV systems; you are not committing a press to only one type of printing, our conventional ink is 75% less expensive than UV ink and results in a gloss look instead of the dull finish associated with UV ink. With this compact, infrared system in place, you can switch from coldset to heatset press runs by simply changing paper stock and engaging the dryer system – thus a hybrid system. The end result is bold and vibrant printing with minimal effort and no additional press down-​time. If your current equipment registers and lays down ink, the Infrared Web Drying System is for you!

A Quick Comparison
Bright, Glossy Finish
Lowest Ink Cost
No Dedicated Tower Necessary
Minimal Changeover from Coldset to Heatset and Back Again
Lowest Lamp Replacement Cost
Highest Lamp Life
No Startup Delay
Installs Above Any 4:4 Printing Tower













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