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About Us

Newspaper Solutions, LLC is a solutions provider for newspapers and commercial printers. We provide the products necessary to extend the longevity of your existing equipment and offer enhancements to improve the flexibility of your systems.

Our sales and support team is comprised of system solutions experts with more than 140 years of cumulative industry experience in engineering, operations, training and project management. Our solutions include press and post press equipment drives and controls for all OEM vendor equipment. We ensure that our proven upgrade solutions support your current equipment and exceed existing technology requirements to meet today’s ever-changing market environment.

We provide in-line stitchers for your presses and off-line stitcher-trimmer solutions to produce commercial grade products that exceed today’s market requirements.

Remanufactured inserting systems using all OEM vendor equipment are also available.

Infrared Web Dryers, which provide heat set quality for single width and double width presses, are a new and exciting addition to our industry. The ease of changing from heat set to cold set from one production run to the next and without the need of dedicated heat set towers adds to this system’s attractiveness. We also provide new commercial grade stackers, which can stack both heat set and cold set products into the neatest bricks imaginable.

Our goal is to ensure that our customers maintain their competitive edge with our ever-changing printing market by utilizing their current equipment to provide additional revenue streams.


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